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Garlic or Herb Bread   $7.00
Seeded Mustard and Cheese Bread   $7.00
Garlic Pizza Bread   $8.00
Brushetta Grilled Turkish bread topped with fresh tomato, basil and garlic $9.50
Trio of dips A selection of house made dips served with pita bread $12.00
Seasoned Wedges Served with sweet chilli and sour cream $7.50
Salt and Pepper Squid lightly dusted and fried  
Entree served with side salad and chilli dipping sauce $12.00
Main served with side salad, chips and chilli dipping sauce $20.00
Oysters (GF) 1/2 Dozen Dozen
Natural $15.00 $24.00
Kilpatrick $16.00 $26.00
Mexican $16.00 $26.00
Thai $16.00 $26.00
Vegetable Stack (GF) Served warm. Char-grilled tomato, eggplant, zucchini, roasted capsicum, artichoke and olives with a pesto dressing $12.00
Chicken Skewers (GF) Honey mustard glazed chicken with rice and salad $12.50
Seafood Plate 1/2 dozen natural oysters, salt and pepper squid, king prawns, smoked salmon and chilli mussels $30.00


Scallopini Campagnola Pan fried veal topped with baby spinach, ham, napoli sauce, cheese served with rosemary potatoes $23.00
Scallopini Fungi Pan fried veal sautéed with mushrooms and spring onion in a light demi served with rosemary potatoes $23.00
Garlic (GF) or Crumbed Prawns Prawns sautéed in fresh garlic, parsley and cream served with jasmine rice or Freshly crumbed served with chips and tartare sauce Entree
Pollo Pancetta (GF) Chargrilled chicken breast with pan fried pancetta, fresh avocado and cream sauce $25.00
Seafood Basket A selection of crumbed fish, calamari, prawns served with beer battered chips, lemon and tartare sauce $25.00
Salmon Fillet (GF) Oven baked Atlantic salmon fillet topped with dill yoghurt and rosemary potatoes $25.00
Eggplant Parmagiana (GF) Eggplant topped with baby spinach, napoli sauce, melted cheese served with beer battered chips $18.00
Chicken Schnitzel Freshly crumbed and fried until golden brown, served with beer battered chips 1/2 Serve
Full Serve
Beef Schnitzel Freshly crumbed and fried until golden brown, served with beer battered chips 1/2 Serve
Full Serve
Chicken Julienne Succulent crumbed chicken strips fried until golden brown, served with beer battered chips $15.00
BBQ Beef Ribs (GF) Tender beef ribs coated in a sticky BBQ and bourbon sauce served with skinny fries $26.00
Stir Fry Onion, carrot, capsicum, broccoli, mushroom and hokkien noodles with XO sauce Beef $20.00
Chicken $19.00
Vegetarian $17.00
Sauces Mushroom, Pepper, Dianne, or Plain Gravy $2.00
  Parmagiana, Kilpatrick or Hawaiian $4.00

All main meals are served with your choice of a garden salad or seasonal vegetables


500g Rump (GF) MSA approved, served with beer battered chips $27.00
300g Sirloin (GF) MSA approved, served with beer battered chips $28.00
350g Scotch Fillet (GF) MSA approved, served with potato bake $32.00
350g Eye Fillet (GF) MSA approved, served with creamy garlic mash potato $38.00
Pork Scotch Fillet (GF) MSA approved, served with mash potato and apple and cider sauce $24.00


Mignon Crispy bacon, garlic crouton and mushroom sauce $6.00
Creamy Garlic or Chilli Prawns (GF)   $7.00
Creamy Seafood (GF)   $7.00
Shiraz Jus   $4.00
Seeded Mustard and Honey Jus   $4.00
Kilpatrick (GF)   $4.00


Beer battered chips   $6.00
Rosemary Potatoes (GF)   $6.00
Garden Salad (GF)   $6.00
Seasonal Vegetables (GF)   $7.00
Creamy Mash Potato (GF)   $5.50


Bolognaise Traditional meat ragu $18.00
Napolitana Tomato, garlic and basil $17.00
Carbonara Bacon, cracked pepper, spring onion, egg and cream $19.00
Vegetarian Broccoli, capsicum, mushroom, onion, olives, baby spinach, semi dried tomato and napoli sauce $18.00
Gamberi King prawns, chilli, basil, baby spinach and napoli sauce $20.00
 Marinara Fish, prawns, scallops, squid, mussels and napoli sauce $22.00
 Boscaiuola Chicken, bacon, capsicum, mushrooms and rose sauce $19.00
 Tuscany Salami, mushrooms, spring onion, baby spinach and napoli sauce $19.00
 Alla Panna Leg ham, mushrooms and cream $18.00
 Pollo Risotto Chicken, semi dried tomato, basil, broccoli, baby spinach, cream and stock $19.00
 Vegetatian Risotto Broccoli, capsicum, mushrooms, olives, baby spinach, basil, onion and napoli sauce $19.00
 Marinara Risotto Fish, prawns scallops, squid, mussels and napoli sauce $22.00
All pastas served with your choice of spaghetti, penne or fettuccini
  Entree size available less $3.00
Lasagne Traditional meat lasagne with chips, salad or vegetables $22.00
Roasted Vegetable Cannelloni Roasted vegetables in napoli sauce with chips, salad or vegetables $20.00


    9″ 12″ 15″
Pollo Chicken, mushroom, onion, bacon and bbq sauce $13.00   $17.00   $23.00
Pepperoni Pepperoni and cheese $12.50 $16.50 $22.00
Hawaiian Leg ham and pineapple $12.50 $16.50 $22.00
Sicilian Pepperoni, mushroom, olives and anchovy $13.00 $17.00 $22.00
Aussie Bacon, onion, tomato and egg $12.50 $16.50 $22.00
Meatlovers Leg ham, bacon, pepperoni, salami and chicken $13.00 $17.50 $23.00
Gourmet Vegetarian Eggplant, zucchini, roast capsicum, artichoke, mushroom and olives $12.50 $17.00 $21.50
Cena Keg ham, pepperoni, salami, onion, roast capsicum, mushroom, pineapple, olives and anchovy $13.00 $18.00 $24.00
Calzone Your choice of any pizza topped with napoli or bolognaise sauce $22.00


    12″ 15″
Mexican Spicy beef mince, salsa, pepperoni, jalapenos and sour cream $20.00  $26.00
Chilli Prawn King prawns, chilli and garlic $20.00 $26.00
Greek Lamb Lamb souvlaki, onion, fresh tomato and tzatziki $20.00 $26.00
4 Corners 1/4 margherita, pepperoni, pollo and hawaiian $20.00 $26.00
Pesto Chicken Chicken, prosciutto, Spanish onion, tomato, garlic and basil pesto $20.00 $26.00


    Entree Main
Thai Beef Salad (GF) Marinated eye fillet, mesculin, Spanish onion, cucumber, tomato, roast capsicum and crispy noodles $15.00   $20.00
Warm Chicken Salad (GF) Chargrilled chicken, mesculin, tomato, cucumber, Spanish onion, roast capsicum, feta cheese, olives with a balsamic and mustard aioli $15.00 $20.00
Chicken Caesar Salad (GF) Chargrilled chicken, cos lettuce, bacon, parmesan cheese, croutons, anchovies, freshly poached egg and caesar dressing $15.00 $20.00
Lamb Salad (GF) Lamb strips, mesculin, couscous, onion, roast capsicum, tomato and cucumber with tzatziki dressing $15.00 $20.00


Chicken Nuggets and chips
Fish and chips
Pizza – ham, pineapple and cheese
Spaghetti Bolognaise   $9.00
Beef Schnitzel and chips   $9.00
Risotto – chicken, basil, pumpkin
Ice Cream Sundae (Chocolate, strawberry, caramel or lime topping)   $6.00

All kids meals are for children 12 years and under


Baked vanilla cheesecake
Served with Chantilly cream and berry compote $9.00
Raspberry and white chocolate Pudding Served with ice cream $9.00
Warm chocolate brownies
Served with ice cream $9.00
Orange and almond cake (GF)
Served with Chantilly cream $9.00
Banana and Caramel cake
Served with Chantilly cream $9.00


Coffee Expresso, cappuccino, short black or cafe Latte $4.00
Tea English breakfast, green or camomile $3.50
Hot Chocolate   $4.00